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What We Offer

We Strive to create a relaxing , quality boarding experience for our horses and their owners. 

We offer pasture and paddock boarding. 

Pasture $335 Monthly 

Semi Private paddock ( dry lot ) $370 Monthly 


-Hay/Forage offered at all times ( unless on a restricted diet ) 

-Automatic Watering systems 

-Lots Of Trails Onsite and Off with (swimming opportunities) 

-Free Trailer Parking 

- Large Outdoor Arena

Well managed smaller herd sizes 

- We separate hard keepers and geriatrics so they can have the opportunity to gain - keep healthy weight on. 

-Excellent forage and hay

- Pastures maintained regularly , mowed and seeded ( no burdock to get out of your horses mane ) 

- Lessons , training and mini clinics offered throughout the year. 

-Family Friendly ( We love well behaved kiddos ) 

- All disciplines Welcome 

- Coming this Fall …. 🍁🍂🍁🍂
💥💥💥Heated/insulated 81x180 INDOOR ARENA 💥💥💥

✨Heated Tie Spaces ( come in when it’s cold and crummy to tack up, groom etc. 

⭐️Heated Viewing Lounge that oversees the Indoor arena 

🛁 Inside Wash stall 

🤩Individual tack storage for each owner 


Also Note. We are a fully operational full time farm. We have poultry . Livestock etc. Outside Dogs aren’t allowed but you will see and observe your typical barn yard critters here regularly 🐓🐇🐐🐄🐂

If you’re looking for a barn where you can be comfortable in a drama free , welcoming community come out for a visit! 

We Strive to make sure no one ever has to wonder if their horse is getting fed and cared for adequately. Many horses who come here thin end up packing on weight and looking amazing in a matter of a few months. 

We welcome rescues and hard keepers. 

We do offer quarantine options and short term boarding as well. 

Contact for info on semi private paddocks & quarantine  temporary rates

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